Kids New Year’s Resolution Craft

While looking online for some crafts to keep your kids busy while they are out of school I came across this…and well it made me chuckle a little!

I’m certain when I was a kid I would never have agreed to something like this!! At any rate…this is a super cute idea!! Whether it be cleaning their rooms, doing the dishes, folding the laundry, or just doing their homework all of you parents out their are sure to enjoy this!

White and light blue construction paper
Black fine tip marker
White craft glue or glue stick
Magnet strip
Laminating paper (optional)

1. Cut a sheet of white construction paper in half.
2. Across the top write “I RESOLVE” with a crayon of your choice.
3. Use a fine tip black marker to outline your crayon.
4. Choose your resolution and use the fine tip black marker to write it below the title (i.e. “to keep my room clean”)
5. Use crayons to draw a colorful picture depicting your resolution below the words.
6. Trim the white construction paper so that all sides of your artwork are even.
7. Glue your artwork to a piece of light blue construction paper. Trim the blue paper to create a nice border frame for your art.
8. If you choose to laminate, do it now, before adding the magnet.
9. Glue a magnet strip (or use self-stick magnet strip) to the back of your resolution art and hang on the refrigerator.

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