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About FrugalFamilyFun.org –

FrugalFamilyFun.org is a blog run by two cousins who are dedicated to bringing you coupon deals, samples, freebies, DIY projects, cooking recipes, holiday stuff (recipes, games, crafts, etc.), and family fun!

Our focus is on teaching others to save money while shopping, being family-oriented, making home-made items, and having family fun.  We post a wide variety of family-oriented freebies, samples, games, DIY, crafts, and recipes.

The hot deals go fast, so be sure to check back often.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook, too!

Please join us each day as we share our coupon savings, ideas, crafts, and cooking tips with you and your family.


About Diane-

I’m Diane.  I am recently married to Matt, and learned that things can be much more expensive when no longer living at home. I have been couponing for about a year now.  It all started one day when a friend asked me if I wanted a coupon book before she threw it away.  I now believe it is a crime to throw away a coupon!!  While it is time consuming and trying at times, in the end it is worth it.  I have never kept track of how much I save, although I will try to do so from now on, I can tell you there are very few health and beauty products that I pay for.  You will learn from us that there are so many things you can get for free!!  It will take a lot of patience, especially at the beginning, but we have faith that in no time at all you will be doing it like a pro!


About Jodi –

I’m Jodi, the wife of Joe, and together we are the parents of four boys, and one daughter-in-law. Joe and I took the 13-week Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey in early 2011. Through that class, we learned steps on how to become debt free, which we are a long ways from, but we are actively working on. One step that I took to help the process of becoming debt free is to start using coupons, which is a new passion of mine! I love to save money and find great deals, and I love to share deals with others and help others save money! I want to be sure that I am being a good steward with the money that God has provided us with. God has blessed me in many ways!

Learning the ins and outs of couponing takes a lot of time, patience and organization. It took me a few months to get the hang of what I’m supposed to do, and it will take you awhile, too. Please don’t get discouraged! Diane and I have created this website to make things easier for you! We will take care of the match-ups, telling you what the deals are in various stores, and we’ll also share our recipes, DIY projects, etc., with you. I look forward to working with Diane, and together, providing you with tips on being more frugal, spending quality time with your family, and having fun!