Can a 12 Trampoline Enclosure Ensure Safety of the Trampoline?

Trampoline enclosures serve as safety nets for the trampoline users. There are a lot of doubts if enclosures, like the 12 trampoline enclosure, can really provide safety and prevent someone from falling off the trampoline. Nonetheless, accidents from trampoline seem to originate usually from erroneous installation and incorrect selection of a trampoline model.

Before you go ahead and purchase an enclosure for your trampoline, please take the time to read the some tips that could help you decide on which enclosure is best suited for your trampoline.

Initially, what you need to check on first is whether or not your trampoline fits the enclosure. Say for example, a 12 foot trampoline enclosure has specific trampoline models that match it. There has to be a tight fit between the trampoline and the enclosure. The enclosure should be perfectly and firmly installed around the trampoline.

It pays to check the brochure. The manufacturer of the enclosure can always claim that their enclosures fit with almost all trampolines. However, it is still best to get the exact measurement of the trampoline and match that with the size of the enclosure. 12 trampoline enclosures normally fit into trampolines of a specific size.

Before installation, you need to make sure that the springs are stable and secure. There are instances when they get overlooked and the enclosures are attached with the springs scattered around. Check it by rubbing the surface of the mat and see if the springs are steadily placed. They should be evenly dispersed on the surface of the mat. This is important, as ensuring the springs are in place ensures that the load is equally distributed along the trampoline. Check for the status of the springs once a week. Rust areas can be treated by applying lubricants to the springs. Trampoline springs play an important role as this is the main part that’s responsible for the quality of the bounce the trampoline produces.

Avoiding accidents and injuries that derive from jumps should be your main concern. Make sure the pads are thick and in good condition. Quality trampoline brands are sure to have quality pads installed as well. Most of them have safety housing that already includes the pads pre-installed. Installing a 12 Trampoline Safety Enclosure is an option to give your trampoline additional safety. It also serves to keep the surface of the trampoline dry which in effect, should prevent accidents due to slipping.

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