What does hilarious mean?

 It means something that our houses a lot of merriment; something that is very funny.

Noun: –hilariousness

Adjective: -hyperhilarious

Examples: –

  •         There are a lot of hilarious jokes which are crack at any stand-up comedy event; it is however good for you to have a thick skin when you go to such events. Reference is taken from Sentence House.
  •         It was hilarious of the Joker in the circus to let out so many screams and undertake a lot of antics. My child was definitely entertained.
  •         Jennifer was known to be a hilarious entertainer and continue to enthrall the audience with her performance.
  •         If you want to have the perfect comedic timing and be hilarious, it is important for you to practice your art, and ensure that you make it a profession.
  •         It was one hilarious tour after the other in which the comedian made a name for himself. He never looked back from that journey over again.
  •         There was a hilarious situation in school, and you never got to be a part of it since you were absent.

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